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Management Team

The Institute’s management is described by its Governing Board and top management. The Governing Board, composed of 8 members, is led by the chairperson and assisted by Institute’s Principal who is the secretary of the Board. The top management is composed of the Principal, who is the chief executive officer (CEO), and two vice principals: Vice-Principal Academics and Vice-Principal Finance and Administration. Under each office of the Vice principal there are Heads of departments (HODs), and Head of sections to handle respective functions devolved under each headed division. The Institute also has a registrar who functions as a key advisor and administrator of all activities related to student admission and examinations.

Members of the Governing Board and the top management possess advanced academic qualifications ranging from Masters Degree to PhD. The  Board  is strategically  composed  by an optimal mix of  academic and other career competence profiles ,experienced  Doctors, and Directors  who write  and widely publish  researches in both Local and internationally reputable Journals. Their individual career and academic profile make them potential and influential in managerial advice, attracting funders and development partners. They are also competently able to guide the institute and effectively supervise academic quality assurance.

Top Management Team

Anatory B. Bunduki - Msc - CED, ADCD Rector
Hamis Kingu - Dr., Msc CED, ADCD Vice Rector (Academic)
George Bakari- Dr., LLB (UDSM), MA LLB (UDSM) Vice Rector (Administration and Finance)


John K. Gwanyemba, Head of Project Planning Department/
Ms Josylen David Lucas Head of Community Development Department
Ms. Prisca Kadege Head of Gender and Development Department
Ms. Janet I. Zemba;
Head of Department of Research and Consultancy
Mr. Saimon Kilasara Head of Quality Assuarance Unit
Ms. Leonida A. Lweyendera,
Head of Library Service
Mr. Ponsian Sewando,
Dean of Students
Mr. Mathew N. Mgendu,
Head of Information and Communication Technology
Mr. Minja Rajabu Head of Estate Unit
Mr. D. Magombola Head of Short Courses Units
Mr. Solomon S. Muhango Head of Documentation and Publication Unit
Mr. Fredrick N. Malekano Head of PMU unit
Mr. Bariki Mtuhna Head of Audit unit
Mr. Juma Almasi Mhina Head of Registry Unit
Mr. Medard Tungalaza Head of Accounts Unit
Mr. Kelvin Ndugu Head of Human Resource Unit

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